Other Perspectives: Jumping Out of the Norm

Good morning, Neighbor!

It’s been a while but never a day goes by when I am not trying to notice life from different perspectives.  In reading through some other blogs, really wonderful blogs, I am encouraged that there are others just like me, that like to see things from as many perspectives as possible, getting all the information that we can, before we sink in to an opinion on any given thing.  the fact is, there are many ways to see things.

I remember, when my Dad was still alive, that he would make a point of keeping my mind open to seeing things from different angles, asking questions.  Although, I will admit that questions came naturally to me as I always wanted to learn. Even though he was a rather opinionated man, I realized that he had already lived life and seen it from different perspective before he would settle into an opinion.

However, I do think that, as life and society changes, we cant stay stuck in any given opinion for long.  Just as the sun sets changing the hues we view in the light of day, can opinions shift as new ideas are available to us that weren’t there before.  And maybe when circumstances change or when we mature, experiencing life, we see how old opinions become one-sided. I think the person who wants to get the most out of life needs to be one to ‘go with the flow’ so to speak.  Be flexible.  To force themselves to think out of the box and away from the norm.  I, myself, have always been one to (as in the words of Robert Frost) take “the road less traveled by”. In doing that, we can do nothing short of gaining new perspective.

I feel we need to be deliberate to do that, to force an open-mindedness when everyone else is one-sided.  I have always believed that I may not have the favorite opinion or for that matter be especially liked for my unusual perspectives but I am okay with that.  I’d rather be slightly alone than to not have my freedom to think and feel as I like.   After all, we are with ourselves all our lives, from the very beginning to the very end.  Why should we not be willing to live it to the fullest in our own way.

Why not be among those of greater thought stretching beyond the usual limits.  Those are the ones that can really make a difference and experience a fuller life as they dont limit themselves.  Why not attempt to see things from a different perspective and what is more, be alright with it? Just food for thought!

Until our paths cross again, be well, be happy and I look forward to our next cup of coffee!